Exercising Your Negotiation Skills

Posted 08.10.2016

Exercising Your Negotiation Skills

Building and exercising your negotiation skills is much like building and exercising your body. After lots of exercises and working out you think you are in shape.

Then an occasion arises that forces you to start using those lesser-used muscles and...Whoa! Where’s the deep heating rub?

How can an Olympic weight lifter possibly race with a sprinter? How does the sprinter compete in bench pressing?

They’re both athletes, they both train hard and they both develop their bodies. Yet they still come from different worlds.

So it is with negotiations. We can’t be negotiating (or even arguing) in a different world from the other party. We need to find commonality, starting from a position of at least understanding each other.

We don’t have to agree, but we must still appreciate the perspective of others if we hope to influence them to thinking more our way.

So the first dispute resolution muscles we have to work on are those skills that keep us fully focused.

We need to do our homework in advance. That might mean doing a bit of research or it may be as simple as anticipating why someone is reacting in a certain way. Others will only listen to us if we listen to them and can react intelligently to their positions or concerns.

That’s a lot harder than we realize. Can you sense the pending ache of those unused muscles that are about to get a workout?

Focus and preparation are the muscles that will give us the perspective and control we need right at the starting gate. More on preparing for negotiating next week.