Communication Training

Useful Communication Techniques

Today’s business world is uniformly embracing good communication at all levels… because it has to. As the workplace becomes more global and complex, even the most basic communication skills now encompass productivity, workplace environments, planning, reputation and profitability.

This one day course has you learning how you communicate and how you are perceived by others. Participants will work alone and in teams. They will discuss problems, learn how to better request information, better work with others and better understand others’ communication styles.

The optional second day instills basic planning, presenting and dispute resolution principles into your individual communicating style with more complex break-outs, role plays, problem solving scenarios and cooperative protocols.

Participants will leave the workshop knowing how to better collaborate, to convince others, to understand others’ perspectives, to control emotions, to strengthen self-control, to accept criticism and to more constructively address tough issues with others. Most importantly, they will be taught how to infuse these new skills into daily routines once they return to work.

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Communicating Through Stress and Change at Work

Communicating calmly and maintaining composure under stress is an essential skill for employees and a vital skill for leaders. Communicating well under pressure instills trust, where there may not have been any before. It creates confidence, both laterally and upwardly during times of change or crisis.

However such skills do not come naturally for most. They must be learned. Participants in this impactful two day course will be taught new ways of thinking to replace old defensive habits and new communication practices to more effectively reflect positive thinking. Warning, some people may find some aspects of this workshop slightly intense.

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Work Place Training

Dispute Resolution (Level 1)

Workplace conflicts are far too common and surprisingly destructive to individuals and to overall corporate profitability. $35 billion is lost annually due to workplace strife in Canada and $400 billion is lost in the United States. That is why conflict resolution has become a critical workplace skill for employees and a necessary component for operational planning

Participants in this two day workshop, using learned conflict resolution strategies leadership skills, problem solving abilities and decision making skills will help maintain a more healthy work environment for both employees and management. Further, they will be able to help resolve minor issues before they become major ones.

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Dispute Resolution ( Level II )

This two day workshop is designed for those who have taken Dispute Resolution I and/or those in senior management who recognize there may be a problem within their respective organizations. Each of your employees loses 2.5 - 3.0 hours of productivity every week to conflict. Those are hours where they could be doing productive, profitable work for your organization. As a manager, you lose about 20 percent of your time to workplace conflict resolution.

Do you have a conflict resolution training program to manage and prevent conflicts as they arise? If you do, is it proven to be effective? Do you understand the basic premises upon which conflict resolution is based? Senior management across the nation is turning to tested and proven conflict resolution training. Those in a leadership position are increasingly required to be skilled in conflict resolution techniques. Participants in this three day workshop will have the skills and training to accomplish everything they hope and need to accomplish. The rest is up to you.

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Come on, Can We Really Deal with Bullies?

This two or three day workshop introduces participants to the core of workplace bullying and will also provide a general understanding of how to recognize, report, prevent eliminate unwanted aggressive behavior. 

Stopping it starts with you, and extends to everyone in your organization—from senior leaders to management to staff. This workshop gives you simple, but effective ways to:

  • Identify bullying.
  • Put policies into place.
  • Manage your own behavior.
  • Call bullying out when you see it.
  • Stop it when it happens.
  • Prevent it from occurring again
  • Empower anti-bullying initiatives.
  • Educate your entire staff as to their options if they feel victimized.

This course will deal with intense and potentially sensitive material and is suitable to both senior management and supervisors.

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Sexual Harassment

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal and even the consensual scandals involving Donald Trump, floodgates were opened for sexual harassment claims, which spilled across industries and workplaces in the United States and Canada. Employers are reeling in the wake of the “Me Too!” movement and desperate to re-evaluate their policies and end such potential liabilities in their workplace. Even one case can impact a company for years.

However, indecisiveness remains as to what specifically constitutes sexual harassment. For example, “bullying” is not sexual harassment. So understanding what sexual harassment is, and is not, is critical. Participants in this two day course will have a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment and learn concrete steps their companies can take to prevent sexual issues arising in their workplace. Further, they will learn what corrective measures can be undertaken if sexual harassment has already been an issue. Warning, this course may seem intense and pervasive to some.

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Leadership Training

Effective and “Workable” Leadership Skills

Leadership…is it something you are born with or is it something that can it be taught? Bosses aren’t necessarily leaders. Moreover, some bosses see leadership skills in others as a threat.

Participants in this one day workshop are managers or directors needing reputation management tools to assist with building and protecting their organizations’ business objectives without endangering their own positions. Further, they will learn that being the best in one job is no guarantee they will succeed in another. Through role plays, team exercises and self-evaluating exercises they will become familiar with best practices in achieving field-force and organizational effectiveness.

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Advanced Training

The Bluebook on Advanced Negotiations

We are the original authors of the Bluebook on Advanced Negotiations. People taking this five day course are already experienced and successful speakers, negotiators and presenters. For you, the stakes are high and anything short of success isn’t an option. Whether you are an independent consultant or a high-ranking subject matter expert for your company, the ratification of the deal and the implementation of the initiative rests on you.

Participants in this course will be exposed to the most grueling training exercises, role plays and scenarios based upon actual corporate initiatives, corruptions scandals and even United Nations emergencies. In short…if you already are considered among the best…this workshop is for you. You’ll be even better.

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Personal Development Training

Basic Presentation Skills

There is simply no way a presentation can fail if you are properly prepared, if you believe in what you are presenting, if facts back up your arguments and if you know exactly what you are trying to achieve. If a presentation bombs, it is because one or more of the above wasn’t in place. Many presentation failures are because the presenter didn’t have a focus on – or didn’t even know – the true objective of his or her presentation.

Participants in this two day course are those who need to strengthen their speaking and organizational presentation skills, as well as knowing who/what are the challenges and how to overcome them. They will learn that one presentation does not “fit all” and will develop skills to identify and isolate specific audiences and vested interests…and how to successfully address each of them. This course emphasizes evaluative and adjustment techniques.

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Write Better Proposals

Writing is quickly becoming a lost skill due to social media, colloquialisms, poor language training, passive tense, a fear of being quoted, insufficient preparation, verbal diarrhea, ill-defined target reader(s) and lack of a clear objective.

"Americanization" of contemporary grammar and unclear parameters also contribute to indecisive messaging and confusion. Participants in this two day writers’ workshop will be exposed to strenuous writing and editing exercises. Since one writes the way one thinks, considerable time will be spent helping participants prepare before they actually start writing. There will be no starting to write and then “see how it’s going”. Participants will be required to bring samples of past writing for personal and group evaluations. While focussing on proposals, this workshop will also be of immense benefits to speech-writers, consultants, public relations practitioners and freelance authors.

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Basic Professional Etiquette

For those who think that etiquette is a thing of the past or that it lacks relevance in contemporary business… think again. Why is it that some meetings go so well and follow up meetings bomb? Why is it that some banquets are a great success and others pale in comparison? Why do some merger discussions or union negotiations sometimes seem more or less productive?

Participants in this one day workshop will learn that, in a global community, respect is a paramount value; and that respect is shown through actions, not words. Diversity figures prominently, but not solely, into potential transactions and agreements; and as is often states, deals depend more upon the people and personal interaction than on any other contributing factor. Participants will be drilled on classical etiquette (which can carry anyone through almost any situation), as well as cultural and social influences and overseeing corporate events.

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Advanced Media Relations Skills

Technology, broadening concepts such as “infotainment” and media advocacy have changed the dynamics of engagement. This one day workshop does not explore technological details, but does update public relations and communications practitioners on successful techniques for multi - media interaction, such as:

  • research,
  • preparation,
  • the strategic use (or non-use) of senior management
  • more proficient media interaction,
  • instantaneous transmissions vs. ”live” broadcasts,
  • media advocacy,
  • immediate follow up
  • avoiding the “Fake News” dance.

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Finding and Keeping the Relationships You Want

This frank, intense, yet exhilarating workshop goes far beyond traditional singles seminars. In addition to learning how, where, and when to meet compatible people, participants will explore themselves and how they are different when not alone.

Most participants are usually divorced, separated, or at least have experienced the rise and eventual fall of close relationships. Therefore trust, finances, children and possible repeating patterns in one’s life are given special attention.

This unique and out-of-the-box 2 day workshop will help participants identify and address their expectations, wants, needs, fears, fantasies, age differences and how to better manage intimacy.

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Training For Lawyers, Arbitrators and Mediators

Probate Mediation / Negotiations (Wills and Estates)

The mediation of cases involving wills and estates is highly specialized and requires considerable subject matter expertise that goes beyond the training of most mediation courses. Probate mediation is often multi-party mediation with heirs, beneficiaries, lawyers and other advocates almost always be present.

This form of mediation highlights the difference between mediators who are lawyers and career mediators. Wills and estate lawyers often challenge probate mediators, fearing they may not have a sufficient or substantive knowledge of a highly complex field. Conversely, lawyer-mediators often fail to identify, address and resolve the real issues behind the matters they are trying to settle.

Therefore this 2 day workshop, complete with advanced role plays, will provide sufficient background knowledge to mediators and cast sufficient light on universal core issues in the mediation of wills and estates for lawyers. This workshop also has an optional 3rd day practicum for experienced wills and estate practitioners.

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Juvenile Mediation / Negotiation

This 3 day course is divided into what we still refer to Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Deprivation. “Delinquency” mediation is similar to victim-offender mediation, whereby a minor has committed a crime and someone else has suffered loss or injury as a result of that crime. Therefore there are strong restorative justice components to this type of mediation.

“Deprivation” refers to where children are not considered to be receiving the necessities of life in their current situations and there needs to be a determination of whether there needs be a change in guardianship or in their residence, as well as whether and to what extent the province / state should be involved.

Both forms of juvenile mediation are intense and emotional, as both will have significant impact on the children’s’ short term futures that could in turn affect the rest of their lives. Participants will learn the skills and techniques for mediating with minors, as well as conducting mediations with any combination of the children, their immediate families, extended families, lawyers, police officers, child welfare or child protection representatives, alleged accusers and alleged victims. Moreover, there is often a crossover in circumstances involving both delinquency and deprivation. Warning. Some may find the role plays stressful.

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