Maria Ceballos-Wallis

Maria Ceballos-Wallis


Atlanta, GA and Florida

Maria Ceballos-Wallis has been practicing multilingual communications since 1990. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.

As a Mediator, Maria provides custom services to her clients including bilingual mediations and translation services.  She has trained in civil, divorce, domestic violence, special education and juvenile delinquency and deprivation mediation at the Justice Center of Atlanta and Atlanta Divorce Mediators.

She is a Certified Court Interpreter (FL/GA) and translator, interpreting at all levels of court, among other venues, and provides bilingual (Spanish/English) mediation services for The Justice Center of Atlanta, private clients and individual county court systems in Atlanta.

She has received diversity training through “Bridging the Gap” and mental health training through the Georgia Department of Health and Developmental Disabilities. She is on the board of Directors of the Atlanta Association of interpreters and Translators and a member in good standing of the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.