Pete Desrochers

Pete Desrochers


Founding Director – Canada & US

Pete is one of Canada’s Chartered Mediators and a Qualified Arbitrator, as well as being a Registered Mediator in the United States. He has completed over 3,300 mediations covering 13 countries and four continents. His portfolio of high-profile mediations includes working with the U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany; a firefighters’ labor dispute; a wrongful death suit; several trade agreements between Asian countries; the kidnapping of a child to Japan during a custody battle and the murder of a celebrity. 

His mediation firm, "The Negotiators", has offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Ft. McMurray, Saskatoon, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta, where several years ago it was named one of Atlanta’s top 10 Small Businesses of the Year.

Family mediations focus primarily on divorce /separation or wills and estates (Probate Mediation). He believes both are among the most emotional and volatile of all disputes.

Many of his corporate mediations focus on bullying, wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, contracts and allegations of failure to deliver a product or service at an agreed price or within an agreed time frame.

He is also pioneering “Dispute Resolution Panels” of lawyers, mediators and arbitrators who can make awards or render findings in any corporate or personal conflict at a fraction of the cost of conventional options.

Pete teaches mediation and conflict management to organizations throughout Western Canada and North Western United States. He is the Executive Director of the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, a federally registered charity with the mandate to educate people on various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution and make these services more available to the general public.

Pete’s record of success is formidable, his reputation is well-known, his compassion is obvious to those who meet him, and his dedication to fairness and professionalism is absolute. 

Pete Specializes In

Mediation Services


We bring to the table best in divorce/family, civil and corporate mediation, with expertise and experience from around the world. Our mediations are true "safe zones" conducive to resolving even the most intense disputes.

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Arbitration Services


Sometimes when parties simply cannot agree they need a decision rendered for them, but still don’t want to go to court. We have,either on staff or on contract, arbitrators, lawyers and a vast array of subject matter experts.

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We facilitate everything from stormy community meetings, to AGMs, to corporate strategic planning exercises with complete neutrality and objectivity. Whether you need "disciplined and dispassionate", or creative and motivational. We have your ideal facilitator.

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